About Us

We are working to empower students to build strong concept to make them more confident to face any academic challenge in the future. We provide coaching through interactive technology to make learning meaningful and joyful. We at Gurukul coachings believe in a healthy and hygienic environment with highly disciplined class. The Gurukul coachings want to shine as a symbol of success and thus leave no stone unturned to empower the students in the journey of success.

The main objectives of the coaching are:

  • To provide high-quality education to the students.
  • Deliver the best study material and complete theory lesson.
  • Help the students to realize their potential.
  • To expand and enrich the knowledge base of the students.
  • Customized teachings technique made for each and every student.
  • Away act in the best interest of students.
  • To expand and enrich the knowledge base of the students.
  • Customized teachings technique made for each and every student. 

Why Gurukul Defence academy

  •  Best Pool of Faculty
  • Subject wise unit expert faculty
  • Combination of eminent teacher for every subject.
  • Developed by experienced R&D team of Career Endeavour
  • Thoroughly revised and updated, Focused and relevant to exam
  • Best Infrastructure & Support Well equipped classrooms, Clean and inspiring environment
  • Best quality teaching tools
  • Basic level of advanced level & Freshers can easily understand
  • Emphasis on fundamental concepts
  • Regular Assessment of Performance
  • Dedication and Commitment & Starting and completion of classes on time
  • Professionally managed & Pre-planned class schedule
  • Co-operation and discipline & Regular updation on Notifications
  • Display on notice board and announcement in classrooms
  • Timely completion of syllabus


Call To Us For More And Better Information.

Phone: 09:00 – 16:00 

Meet Our Team

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